We help people make informed, sustainable transit decisions to improve quality of life in cities.


Information about your transportation choices is displayed at a glance, live and in real-time. Compare train times to bus arrivals on your way to work in the morning. Know when your employee shuttle arrives so you aren’t caught waiting in the cold. Grab another cup at the coffee shop while you wait for your streetcar. Catch Uber instead of bikeshare when it’s raining.

Our service is active in every major city in the US and Canada, and select European cities. You can choose from over 10 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi.

5 countries, 10 languages,
33 cities

How We Started

TransitScreen launched in 2013 from a civic technology project at Mobility Lab in Arlington, Virginia focused on urban mobility solutions.

We are headquartered in downtown Washington, DC at the 1776 collaborative space, with offices in San Francisco, Portland, New York, and London.

We take great pride in how we build our products. Our team, facilities, and platform strive to work in harmony with the environment, following our TransitScreen Green program.

President Obama was introduced to TransitScreen by CEO Matt Caywood

with SmartWalk

TransitScreen was selected as a 2014 Finalist for Fast Company’s prestigious Innovation By Design Awards for SmartWalk.

SmartWalk is a digital display of real-time transit information, including walking directions, which can be projected on any sidewalk or wall. It provides live transit information at a glance, and makes wayfinding instantaneous—all you need to do is follow the arrows to the nearest bikeshare rack or metro stop.

SmartWalk is Get in touch