SmartWalk Launch Featured in Fast Company Co.Design


On Monday, Fast Company writer Shaunacy Ferro featured TransitScreen’s new technology offering, SmartWalk, for Co.Design in the article titled “SmartWalk Turns Any Surface into a Subway Tracker.” SmartWalk is a digital display of real-time transit information, including walking directions, that can be projected on any surface. Ms. Ferro explains SmartWalk in a little more detail in her article:

“TransitScreen’s latest endeavor, SmartWalk, involves bringing the same real-time dashboard of information into the physical world by projecting the information onto public spaces. In addition to the real-time transit data provided by the screens, the projections would also embed way-finding information for transit options on sidewalks, walls, plazas, or even billboards: think arrows pointing you in the direction of the bus, subway, or bike share.”

“And the transportation options listed through TransitScreen’s dashboard outstrips pretty much any mobile app, since it’s customized for each location where it’s installed. It tells you exactly how many bikes are available at the nearby bike station, how many minutes it will take for a ridesharing service to pick you up, and, at some universities, when the nearest campus shuttle will arrive. The company is attempting to bring Uber and Lyft data into the fold as well.”

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