Smart Cities

More and more cities are focusing on a shift away from drive-alone cars toward sustainable transportation choices — roads are crowded, parking takes up space, and the transportation sector as it stands today creates more carbon emissions than any other part of the economy.

Countless cities are working to become smart cities, and TransitScreen can help. We help empower citizens with the ability to make smarter transportation choices, to improve quality of life, and to facilitate sustainable mobility.

We’ve partnered with Panasonic’s CityNOW program to bring our technology to smart bus shelters, airports, street kiosks, and more.

TransitScreen is quick, easy to install, and low cost in comparison to infrastructure projects that can require significant time and money investments — a real change you can make while continuing to plan for the long-term future of your city.


It’s innovations like [TransitScreen] that will make the ‘Year of Mobility’ a real thing in people’s lives.

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