We understand that an essential part of your property’s appeal is its location. That includes everything from nearby transit, restaurants, groceries, parks, and more.

It can be difficult to communicate on your website just how perfectly situated your property is — that’s why we’ve introduced PlaceMaker.

PlaceMaker is a map of the area featuring all the nearby amenities your building has to offer, curated (by you) to feature whatever’s most important. It also includes a live TransitScreen GO for your location, giving potential residents a sense of what their day-to-day travels will be like.

Once someone is on your website, PlaceMaker can help keep them there. It’s interactive, engaging, and allows them to explore, showing them all the information they need to choose your property.

Implementation is as simple as putting a link directly on your website, wherever you’d like it to live! If you’d like make changes, you can do so without having to update the website again. You’ll just drag and drop on our easy-to-use dashboard.

Visualizing the unique location of your property and its neighborhood has never been easier — for you, or for your future residents.