What is PlaceScoop?

PlaceScoop is a new location data analytics product that facilitates transactions in commercial, multifamily, retail, and industrial real estate by cutting through the complexity of location.

PlaceScoop provides an easy way to market every aspect of your property’s location, from transit access to airport access and nearby amenities.

You can incorporate this customized, easy-to-read dashboard into a property website, share as a webpage or mobile link, and integrate into existing marketing materials.


In addition to real-time information about all forms of transportation (including subway, rail, bus, rideshare, highways, major roads, and airports), you’ll be able to share historical data from different times of day — giving prospective tenants, owners and lenders a way to understand transportation access before signing a lease, lending, and/or investing.

Local Amenities and Destinations

You can use photos to highlight nearby attractions like restaurants, grocery stores, stadiums, and parks. You can also show major destinations like job centers and residential communities.

How will PlaceScoop help me lease my property?

PlaceScoop provides an fast, easy, and attractive way to market your property’s location, from transit access to nearby amenities. No need to walk for miles – you can share the webpage or mobile link with prospective tenants, or quickly talk it through on a tour.

How will PlaceScoop help me sell or refinance my property?

PlaceScoop keeps investors on your website instead of pulling up maps. Make your property stand out from the rest with technology that helps you tell the story of your property’s location.

Next Steps

PlaceScoop is currently in private beta mode. Interested? Contact us to learn more.