We understand there’s information you may need to get across to everyone in your building — and we also know everyone is already looking at your TransitScreen for essential information about their commute. That’s why we introduced Messaging.

Messaging is a dedicated space on your TransitScreen for you to post whatever timely information people in your building need to know, whether that’s upcoming construction, fire alarm test, or a community event. When you have multiple messages to share they rotate, changing every few seconds.


The power is in your hands to upload as many messages as you’d like on our easy-to-use dashboard. You drag and drop photos, type messages, and schedule everything in advance. Just press save, and you’re good to go.

You can schedule messages to appear on the screen for exactly as long as you’d like and set an ending date for it to disappear once it’s stopped being relevant. Our screens are cloud-based, so your changes will appear automatically.

Messaging is also available to be displayed on TransitScreen GO in addition to your lobby TransitScreen.

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