TransitScreen GO

We offer an option for communities and workplaces to have access to our real-time information on personal screens in addition to in the lobby.

TransitScreen GO is a website you can pull up on any mobile device, customized for that same location. You can access it directly from any browser on your phone, tablet, or laptop — and, increasingly, from building websites themselves.

We’ve also made sure you can decide which information is important to you — and which isn’t. You can customize the order of what’s on your screen to accommodate what’s most useful to you by clicking and dragging your most commonly used stops to the top of your screen. You can also hide information you don’t need and then bring it back if you do.

If you’re in your apartment building, this means you can pull it up on your phone while still in your unit to see if you’ve got time to finish your coffee or if you need to run down the stairs right this second. If you’re at work, you can bookmark it and check on your laptop from your desk to make sure the commuter rail is still on time.

TransitScreen GO can also be used at large events, something we implemented at CES 2017 to include wait times for taxis and shuttles between venues.