TransitScreen Nearby

Your building depends on its transportation connections to get people to and from it — that’s why we created TransitScreen to show all those options, live and in real time.

But it also depends on local retail, whether that’s a coffee shop in the building or a lunch place down the street. If you have retail tenants, you know they generate business and provide a valuable amenity. Even if you don’t have them in your building, you know proximity to these amenities is vital for potential residents, tenants, and guests.

TransitScreen Nearby helps you highlight retail amenities. It also helps you:


Nearby can also include traditional directory information, if you’d like to showcase all your tenants and their locations. It also supports retail locations outside your building, if you want to make sure people know how close the popular new coffee shop around the corner is.

Many digital building directories say they’re easy to update, but Nearby actually is. Just use our simple web dashboard to keep all your information current. Make quick changes in a matter of seconds.


Nearby is the perfect companion to your existing TransitScreen, allowing you to highlight live, local features of your building and give tenants and visitors the information they need at a glance.