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We’re committed to helping you support your employees, residents, and guests alike.

With COVID-19 vaccines on the rise, it’s important to have the right tools to commute with security and ease. During this time we’re working hard to not only create features that can help you and your community stay updated and safe, but we’re also improving our products to prepare for the return-to-work and normalcy.

Commute smarter with real-time transit data

Automate benefits communication

Create flexible commutes

Access live transit data

Offer an enhanced experience


Save time making commute decisions with access to real-time transit data for both public and private options.

We pride ourselves on our data. TransitScreen is the only company to offer accurate, real-time information on all transit options near you, including everything from private shuttles to the latest scooter and bikeshare choices.

• 24/7 access to real-time data

• Available on both digital displays and in our mobile app

• Simple installation


Simplify benefits communication across your company while managing commutes effortlessly. 

If your employees or residents don’t like their commute, there’s a chance they’ll look for a new job or place to call home. Studies have shown that a bad commute is one of the top three reasons why someone leaves their job, but our products are designed to support your employees’ commutes without adding more to your daily duties.

• Automate benefits communication company-wide

• Offer commute flexibility and resources

• Modern design that’s easy to navigate


Our suite of products considers the experience from start to finish. 

We consider the experience for both the account owner and end-users when it comes to our line of products.

• Increase satisfaction

• Provide top-notch commute support

• Customize benefits to your employee and resident needs

• Subscription-based plans make it easy for you to find the right fit for your budget

Check “Commute management” off your list:

Want to see real-time commute data in action? Our team of experts will walk you through our suite of products to find the best fit for you and your commute needs.

"Commuting can be a tricky process. TransitScreen was exactly what our employees needed and has been extremely helpful."

— Workplace Operations Manager at Segment

"TransitScreen really helps from an operational and employee experience perspective."

— Director of Guest Experiences for the Washington Nationals

"TransitScreen has helped our employees by building one platform to host all of our transit information."

— Associate General Counsel & Compliance Officer at Reebok

“To help students get to class on time (and help them learn about APIs and data!), CS50 has TransitScreen in several undergraduate dorms, and everyone’s been loving it.”

— Harvard University

“One of our top priorities is helping our office tenants live better lives, both at work and outside of the office. Giving them access to technology like TransitScreen to simplify their commute and showcases green transportation options is a top priority for us.”

— Cushman & Wakefield

“TransitScreen is very helpful during the sales process to easily display options for commuting in our properties’ communities.”

— Karen Hollinger, VP of Corporate Initiatives, AvalonBay Communities

"It's one of those "wow" type things, "I never thought I could have this readily available to me" kind of amenity."

— Property Manager of The Asher, A Van Metre Property