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Hey there. Welcome to TransitScreen! For most people, commuting into work is a time-consuming, expensive and stress-inducing start and end to their day. We believe in the power of information — with more information, people can make better, more sustainable decisions about how they get around.

Leaving your car at home provides a better commute experience, decreases traffic, and lowers your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win-win!

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1. Our journey is our mission. TransitScreen’s cofounders started the company to create a better way to display and share real-time transit information with people who needed it. What started in the incubator 1776 has taken us to a bustling office in downtown Washington, DC. As we continue to grow, so does our mission’s reach of offering an improved transit experience.

2. We practice what we preach. TransitScreen keeps up with the latest commute and transit-oriented benefits so that we can provide our staff with the best commute experience, including things like pre-tax WMATA benefits, free Capital Bikeshare memberships, and a free pair of sneakers for those who walk to work.

3. Creativity doesn’t have borders. One of the best commute-related benefits to offer employees is a flexible work schedule. Our employees aren’t kept to a strict 9-5 work life, because no one commute is the same as another. We also have a generous WFH policy and unlimited PTO.

4. Benefits and beyond. We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance, the option to contribute to a 401K, and parental leave for mothers and fathers.

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Company Value: Curiosity Counts


Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat here — we like to question, discuss, and learn new things!

Company Value: Stay Inspired


Be part of a team that’s excited about their work and the people they work with.

Company Value: Be Authentic


Be your real self — that’s why you’re part of our team!

Company Value: Practice Empathy


No matter the situation, we like to leave our egos at the door and step into someone else’s shoes.

Company Value: Embrace Failure


“Ultimately, we learn the most about ourselves through the losses.”
– Chris Traeger, Parks & Recreation


TransitScreen has been carbon neutral since founding, from our offices to our public screens to our cloud servers. We use renewable energy where we can source it and buy renewable energy credits that are Green e-certified.

We’re happy to report none of our team members drives to work and we provide transportation subsidies to help keep it that way. For business travel, we encourage trains over flights where possible, and purchase energy credits to offset flights.

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