How to decorate your property for the holidays

The holidays are the the most wonderful time of the year, right? Ignoring the cold gusts of air and random freezing rain showers, I think most of us would agree. What’s great about this time of the year for property managers is that you can show your residents, tenants, or guests that you care about creating a community — and we know just how you can do it!

Generic feature image for decorating for the holidays

Add some frosting

What says holidays like a little snow (especially when you can’t always count on snow to come)? An easy way to do this without going too hardcore is to pick out some fake wintery plants (like this or this) and spray them fake snow. You can go the whole nine yards and create a tree-filled oasis with a dressed up Christmas tree, or just add some winter foliage into your lobby. The important aspect is to find a balanced tone that compliments the demographic of your property — whether it be residential, commercial, or corporate. It’s never a bad idea to be festive, but you also want to think about people at your property and what would speak to them the most.

Light it up

Stringy lights are quite trendy nowadays. You can have your property stand out with so many variations of string lights — go for holiday colors, cool colors, warm tones… there’s something out there that can definitely fit into your style. What’s best for you is that these inexpensive decorations don’t have to tack onto your electric bill — go for battery-operated versions. 

This is also a great solution for buildings that don’t have a large entrance or lobby that you can easily decorate. Dangle some lights over the entryway, create shapes on the walls, or you can have even more fun by putting a light show with remote-controlled options for colors, speeds, and brightness.

Personalization is key

Thinking beyond your lobby can be simple and go a long way with your residents, tenants, or guests. You can accomplish this by decorating each floor’s elevator area, adding some flare to office doors, or by dressing up any outdoor spaces. Unsure of how to get this done? Make sure to communicate with the people in your building or head over to Pinterest page to get some holiday inspiration! 

This is an easy way to get feedback from people occupying your property, helping them feel involved in their building. We spend a lot of our time at work and obviously at home, so being able to contribute to those spaces is important.

Going the extra mile can make your property memorable for current and prospective residents, tenants, or guests. It’s the simple touches that allow others to feel at home that can boost morale by creating a sense of community.