Real-time parking is available in CityMotion

At TransitScreen, our focus has always been on lowering the number of drive-alone commutes — whether that’s through public transit, biking, carpooling, or any myriad option. With the onset of COVID-19, however, commutes have been completely disrupted (to the point where many of us are simply traveling from our beds to our couches).

Feature image for real-time parking data in CityMotion

As offices begin to reopen and employees begin commuting once more, concern over increased drive-alone rates is rampant. Many employers can’t afford to add more parking (or simply don’t want to), but employees may not initially feel safe on the subway or bus. We’re incorporating real-time parking into our CityMotion mobile app to support your commute management program through this challenging time, while continuing to provide information to push your employees toward sustainable options.

If your company uses a parking management solution that supplies real-time data (like ParkingCloud by All Traffic Solutions), we can work with them to add this into our platform. This will then appear on the home screen, as well as the car tab, in the CityMotion app exclusively for your employees.

We’ll break it down for you by individual lots and garages, and will indicate the number of available spaces in each. Your employees will also be able to see the number of EV charging spaces and ADA spaces specific to each location.

Screenshot of CityMotion's real-time parking feature

A Parking Breakdown

Although this feature can help employees who may have to switch to commuting via a car, it can also support those employees whose only option is driving. We understand that achieving certain commute goals is a long-term situation. It’s going to take time not only for people to adapt better habits, but also for the appropriate transportation infrastructure to be built to support them.

So, while you’re on the road to more sustainable and efficient commutes, we’re here to support you by:

  • Decreasing the time employees spend looking for parking,
  • Enhancing your commute management goals, and
  • Delivering reliable and current information.

Did you know that Americans spend more than 17 hours a year on average trying to find parking? Some international studies even show up to 26 hours a year. The other alarming part is how much gas we emit while driving in circles hoping to find a spot.

Screenshot of CityMotion's real-time parking feature

This is something to factor in when it comes to your employees’ commutes, and can mean the difference between a productive and unproductive work day. But if you equip your staff with live parking data, they can simply find a spot when they need it. 

Enhancing your return-to-work plan

Everyone has had to get a little creative with their return-to-work plans. Some are phasing companies employees back into the office in waves, others are blocking certain days for certain teams, and some are turning to flexible hours. We can all agree that however you plan to get your employees back to into the office, communication will be key.

Let’s say you’re introducing flexible work hours for you teams and you have some people coming in around 9 a.m., others getting to the office around 11 a.m., and maybe a final wave at 2 p.m. If you have limited parking, odds are some of the staff scheduled for later in-office blocks may have difficulty finding a spot. Offering access to your parking data will allow your teams to better schedule and prepare their days accordingly, instead of wasting time trying to get to the office.

Having live parking data can also help you create a return-to-work plan tailored to your current offerings. If you don’t have enough parking for each employee, then blocking days for certain teams may be the best strategy for you. 

. . .

With so much changing on a daily basis, it’s easy to get caught up in a confusing mess of managing your employees’ commutes. We’re here to help simplify your planning, while keep your staff updated and safe during these uncertain times we’re living in. If you want to talk about adding parking data to your CityMotion app, please get in touch.