2018 is the summer of e-scooters in cities

They’re all the rage with millennials, Silicon Valley tech execs, tourists and fun-loving commuters — we’re talking e-scooters, people.

Generic feature image for the summer of e-scooters

No matter your opinion about the first wave of dockless scooters and bikes to hit the streets of cities nationwide (worldwide, even), shared vehicles are here to stay.

The shift that began with the meteoric rise in popularity of ridehailing companies Uber and Lyft, along with the spread of docked bikesharing systems throughout the country, continues to expand. What this all means is that mobility and commuting in cities is now about choices. If you live in the city and the subway is running late, then you have options and can select the appropriate one for your trip. Right next to a bikeshare and feel like enjoying the weather? Go for it. It’s raining and you don’t want to get soaked before your business meeting? Up to you.

At TransitScreen, we’ve built our brand on the idea that people should have access to information about how to get around, and that they should use that information to make more sustainable decisions. In that vein, we’re excited to announce that we will now be including dockless bike, electric bike and e-scooter information on our screens nationwide.

You’ll also see these services on our MobilityScore tool, which will allow you to search any address in the United States (and much of Canada) to see which mobility options are available.

“It’s so important to us to be able to provide our customers with the latest mobility technology on our displays,” said Ryan Croft, TransitScreen co-founder. “These dockless scooters and electric bikes are the next big thing, and we want to get ahead of prime demand in the summer.”

This means our displays will now include real-time availability for the nearest Bird, Lime, Spin, and Skip scooters in any city where these services are live. You’ll be able to easily see which is closest and how long it will take you to walk there. For dockless bikes, you’ll also be able to distinguish between regular and electric options.

“Scooters, ebikes, and dockless bikeshares are an exciting new wave of personal electric mobility around our cities,” said Gabe Klein, co-founder of CityFi and former commissioner of both Chicago and DC’s departments of transportation. “As more of these proliferate, the need for real-time information only increases.”

As always, our goal is to provide exactly the information you need to simplify your life (and your commute). You don’t want literally all available information mapped, since it’s overwhelming and slows you down. So we’ve focused on giving you the most relevant information, about the closest options you have from every service.

We believe in this so strongly that we’ve spent our summer working on creating the best way to help you get around anywhere you need to go. Keep your eyes peeled for more on that soon, and thanks for always staying with us on the ride.