An amenity that goes with your residents

“An amenity that’s been missing in real estate is an app that helps residents travel outside of the property without having to open 5 different apps – you guys really solved that problem. “

– Seth Cohen, The Executive Vice President – Head of Operations at BNE Real Estate Group

Like many residential properties trying to offer the best to their residents, BNE Real Estate was looking for an amenity that would truly benefits the people who call their buildings home.

That’s why they turned to us. Wanting to bring a luxury experiences to their communities in New Jersey, Seth Cohen, Executive Vice President at BNE Real Estate, turned to our comprehensive, yet flexible duo of TransitScreen and CityMotion. Learn more about Seth found a way to continue providing excellent support and service to their residents even after they’ve left their home. Oh, and he doesn’t even have to lift a finger to do so.

TransitScreen is the only service to provide real-time transit information all in one place, or one screen for that matter! From screen displays around the office, to your desktop, laptop, and phone, we keep you and your employees updated on the best ways to get around your city.

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