Our product changes the way people move through cities, and we take great pride in how we build it.

TransitScreen is 100% carbon neutral since founding, from our offices to our servers, and we will continue to maintain this status on a yearly basis. We use renewable energy where we can source it and buy renewable energy credits (RECs) from TerraPass that are Green-e certified, as recommended by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit leader in environmental action in the United States.

Part of our DNA

Here's a breakdown of everything we're doing. We're always looking for new ways to keep our team, our facilities, and our platform working in harmony with the environment, so email [email protected] or holler on Twitter @TransitScreen with ideas.

Local Travel

In a typical office building, the energy footprint of employee transportation exceeds the building’s own energy footprint. When employees switch from driving to other sustainable transportation choices, it makes a huge difference.

Not a single TransitScreen employee commutes to work in a car.

We provide public transportation and bikeshare subsidies (including a corporate membership in Capital Bikeshare), and our facilities have built-in, secure bike parking. Our offices are centrally located in livable, walkable areas to keep commutes as short, and sustainable, as possible.

We support remote working from home, and often encourage it. This reduces our required commute, and we all benefit from the flexibility and time savings.

Global Travel

Because our team is global, we fly a lot for conferences and meetings. Every flight has huge environmental costs – flying one team member from our Portland office to home office in Washington, DC generates 0.62 tons of CO2, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

We’ve offset our flights since the founding of TransitScreen with RECs. We also encourage our team to take more efficient train trips wherever possible (DC to NYC, London to Paris).

Our Screen Network

Our network of screens is fully wind powered, using Wind RECs from Terrapass that are Green-e certified. This is our way of taking responsibility for the full ongoing impact of our service and operations.

Let's also look at the big picture: Not all our customers have access to renewable energy to power their site's TransitScreen, but every person (as many as 100,000 per day at one of our Toronto locations!) who walks by a TransitScreen has exceptionally convenient access to sustainable transit options that they might not have considered using, or even known about!

So what sets us apart from other carbon-neutral companies? If we account for every user who uses TransitScreen to reduce the use of their car, our total environmental impact is carbon-negative!

Our Servers

TransitScreen’s global infrastructure runs on the cloud. Our servers are virtual, sharing physical computers with other servers, and run only when we need them, but they still draw a lot of power.

Our cloud hosting provider has a 35% sustainable energy mix. In addition, we buy RECs that make up for the rest.

Our Offices

TransitScreen’s main office at 1725 Desales St in Washington, DC is a high density, efficient modern building (as are the rest of our offices). We recycle, and until we can power our offices with renewables, we're buying RECs.

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