What do potential residents want in an apartment? A community in step with their lifestyle. High-end amenities they’ll actually use. A visceral connection to the city they chose to call home. You can address all these needs with one easy-to-use, elegant solution: TransitScreen.

Unique multifamily

TransitScreen’s cutting-edge technology can help you connect to current and potential residents and set yourself apart in a sea of luxury apartment buildings during the leasing process.


Help potential residents visualize the day-to-day with Nearby. Select stores and restaurants in walking distance that can be displayed for your residents to help plan a fun night out or remind them to grab some groceries before closing time.

Van Metre Case Study

“It’s one of those “wow” type things, 'I never thought I could have this readily available to me' kind of amenity.”

- Alexis Tsonos, Vice President of Marketing for Van Metre Properties

Van Metre has been a staple in the DC Metro area when it comes to residental and commercial buildings. Since 1955, Van Metre Companies has created unique buildings where people are happy to live and work. They’ve implemented TransitScreen at some of their major properties, showing current and potential residents that Van Metre understands getting around in a city isn’t always easy, but it can be when you have the right tools!

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How It Works

Customer Success Manager

Customer Service

As soon as you’re ready to go, you’ll meet your Customer Success Manager who will be with you to make sure everything goes smoothly and on time. They’ll send you a mockup of your screen design to approve, then you’ll be ready to go.

Get Your TransitBox In The Mail


We’ll ship you everything you need — minus the TV itself. Your TransitBox delivery will come equipped with setup instructions, as well as an ethernet cable, command strips (for easy mounting) and an HDMI cord.

Plug It In!


All you’ll have to do is connect the TransitBox to the TV and connect it to the wall. Turn it on, and you’re good to go! We suggest using the Messaging feature on your screen to promote CityMotion to your employees, residents, or tenants!

Keep Residents Connected 24/7

Keep residents connected

Keep your employees, residents, or tenants connected 24/7 with CityMotion. Our app goes wherever they go — constantly updating your current location to give everyone the information they need to get around.