TransitScreen streamlines how guests travel to and from your retail space, ensuring all shoppers will be excited to visit as often as they can. Lean in to the rise of experiential retail and create a lifestyle-oriented, forward-thinking feel — increasing your sales in the process.

Create a top-of-the-line, high-quality experience for all your guests. TransitScreen makes getting around a breeze, adding to your placemaking efforts to keep your location a true destination.

Advertise your happy hour specials, exclusive discounts, and more when you have customizable Messaging at your disposal.


“We’re 20 yards from North Station, which has subway, commuter rail, Amtrak, and buses. People use the screens every single day and actually stay at the bar longer — it’s a value-add to our customers in terms of the convenience they get from it.”

- Ameilaranne Sutton, PR & Marketing for Tasty Burger Corporations

How It Works

Customer Success Manager

Customer Service

As soon as you’re ready to go, you’ll meet your Customer Success Manager who will be with you to make sure everything goes smoothly and on time. They’ll send you a mockup of your screen design to approve, then you’ll be ready to go.

Get Your TransitBox In The Mail


We’ll ship you everything you need — minus the TV itself. Your TransitBox delivery will come equipped with setup instructions, as well as an ethernet cable, command strips (for easy mounting) and an HDMI cord.

Plug It In!


All you’ll have to do is connect the TransitBox to the TV and connect it to the wall. Turn it on, and you’re good to go! We suggest using the Messaging feature on your screen to promote CityMotion to your employees, residents, or tenants!

Keep Residents Connected 24/7

Keep residents connected

Keep your employees, residents, or tenants connected 24/7 with CityMotion. Our app goes wherever they go — constantly updating your current location to give everyone the information they need to get around.