Our customers aren’t the only ones who we provide premium support and attention to. TransitScreen only works because of our amazing employees, so we want to give our team everything they need to be supported in and out of the office.

If you're wondering, "Does this all still apply in quarantine?" Absolutely. We even added a new benefit of a mandatory mental health day to be taken once a month so we can all have a little break from remote work. Additionally, we offer a more comprehensive and remote onboarding experience to make sure any new members feel like they're part of the TransitScreen family.

Working at TransitScreen

Our Employee Benefits

Health Benefits

Unlimited PTO

Transit Benefits

Paid Holidays

Flexible Work Schedule

Annual Stipend

Volunteer Time

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”The best part of my team has been being able to expand the knowledge and usage of a product that is truly being a benefit for people. It’s great showing up for work knowing that my contribution will go beyond the sale.”

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Customer Success

“Working on the Customer Success Team gives me the opportunity to work with our amazing customers and every part of the TransitScreen team simultaneously - there’s never a day I’m not learning something new or feeling like I am not making an impact on this department or the company as a whole.”

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“The team is a perfect balance between supportive and competitive. We push each other to reach our goals through healthy competition, but at the same time no woman or man gets left behind!”

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”I love collaborating with my team to solve gnarly problems!”

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