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Open Data & Open Standards

TransitScreen supports open data efforts, as they are essential to our software and to our larger mission of helping people in cities make informed, sustainable decisions. We believe smart cities can only be made with smart people, and smart people can only be empowered through access to information.

Open Standards

TransitScreen fully supports open standards including GTFS (General Transit Feeds Specification), GTFS-realtime, and GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification). These allow us to seamlessly share data with our public and private partners in a standardized format. However, our software also interoperates with hundreds of non-open data standards.

Open Data

We provide public access to open data tools such as the GTFS Feed Validator and GTFS-realtime validator, which allow anyone to assess the quality of open transit data.

We contribute to open data commons including TransitLand and are a member of the OneBusAway project, which helps transit agencies make more real-time data available to riders.

Our CEO, Matt Caywood, has frequently given talks and training courses on open data and how it facilitates smart cities projects. Matt also worked with Mobility Lab to convince Capital Bikeshare to share open data showing that bicycling was the fastest way to travel in downtown DC.

Open Source

When we develop internal tools and software outside of our core product, we release them as open source so others can benefit from them (and contribute to them). One example is the WP Github Pipeline, published in Smashing Magazine, which made it easier for our developer team and our sales team to communicate company updates.

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