Planning for Post-COVID Commutes

How to Adapt Your Benefits Program for Post-COVID Commutes

Commuting has historically been a relatively fraught topic. Most people hate theirs, and they make all kinds of decisions based on ways to make it shorter. That includes taking jobs, leaving jobs, and choosing where to live. Most people in America commute by driving alone, but efforts by transportation specialists and advocates have been bringing that number down steadily for years.

Until now. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a shutdown of the world as we have known it, and that includes commutes. Many people have lost their jobs, but those lucky enough to keep theirs are largely working from home. This raises a lot of questions, but the one we’re going to tackle here is: What happens to the commute, and commute management programs, when offices are technically re-opened for business?

We'll walk you through:

competitive pricing

Making strategic choices for your budget

commutes simplified

Adapting your current program

Defining a committee

Keeping your employees safe & happy

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