Go the extra mile

You can take our suite of products a step further with the Messaging and Nearby features.
Enhance the community experience by offering quick access to information that your residents or employees want to know like nearby grocery store hours, the closest gyms to your office, and more. Messaging will be displayed on both TransitScreen and CityMotion (our mobile application), and Nearby will only appear on TransitScreen.

Highlight what your community has to offer so your residents or employees get the most out of your unique location.

Communicate with you residents or employees directly and effortlessly.

Further enhance the experiencing by offering access to live transit information as well as vital information to plan better and smarter.


Communicate with your residents safely and easily through our Messaging dashboard. Create up to 8 messages that will run continuously on TransitScreen and in the CityMotion app. 

You can also schedule your messages ahead of time by selecting a start and end date (you also have the option run messages continuously).

Customize messages with colors, fonts, graphics, images, and more!


Your building is part of a community, and we want to help you show off what it has to offer with Nearby. You can manage exactly what appears on the screen so you can cater to your employees’ or residents’ interests and needs.

Everything is completely customizable right in your TransitScreen Dashboard. You set the destinations, plug in the business hours, and determine when you want to update or just keep it as is! This feature is also available as a digital Building Directory.

Many customers have taken advantage of our extended features to help
enhance their current offerings, so why don’t you?