The only B2B app keeping commutes on track
with live data on all public and private transit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed our day-to-day routines, especially our commutes.
CityMotion is here to bring your employees, residents, and guests alike confidence in their new commutes.
Whether they’re biking, using your private shuttle, driving for the time being, or taking the bus, our
information is here to help them make real-time choices on a daily basis with ease.




    Get live insights into bus and rail (metro and subway) capacity levels.


    Show real-time availability including EV and ADA.


    Provide live updates from local transit agencies.


    Daily alerts based on personalized work schedules.


    Directly share timely updates through messaging.


    Make smarter, greener commute decisions.

CityMotion can integrate with any building or company-wide app.

“An amenity that’s been missing in real estate is an app that helps residents travel outside of the property without having to open 5 different apps — you guys really solved a problem.”

Seth Cohen,
Executive VP at BNE Properties


In-app Messaging

CityMotion allows you communicate quickly and directly with your employees, residents, tenants, or guests through the Messaging feature. This feature is linked to Messaging on TransitScreen, so everyone can stay connected no matter where they are.

Push important reminders for events, updates, and more. Help occupants stay on top of the latest COVID-19 developments and what you’re doing to keep them safe. It can all be done in a matter of minutes through your TransitScreen dashboard.

Learn more here.

My Commute

CityMotion can alert you with a live look at your favorite commuting choices. All you have to do is plug in your starting address and ending address, the time you want to be reminded to leave, and CityMotion will take care of the rest.

A B2B solution for commuters and transit-oriented travelers.

CityMotion is the only app on the market that offers live transit data on-the-go for scooters, e-bikes, employee shuttles, company-managed parking data, metro, bus, and more! If you can name it, we can show it.

Looking for the CityMo App?

Every TransitScreen comes with a 5-digit code that can typically be seen on the right side of the screen.
The app is currently only available as a B2B product.

Download the CityMotion app from the iOS or Android App Store.

Then enter the code displayed in the orange box on your TransitScreen!


CityMotion can be integrated into a variety of outside apps and display formats. Whatever you’re envisioning, we have the tools to make it happen — so just ask us! From API to SDK, our team can work with you to create a customized experience.

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