Benefits simplified.

Commutes managed.

Like you, we keep the health and safety of our employees at the forefront of our business. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us in more ways than one, in particular, our commutes. We’ve pressed pause on our commutes for now, but many people are looking and planning for the return to the office.

But as COVID-19 changes, so do commutes, which affects your transportation programs and benefits offerings. That’s why we’ve created CommuteWise, an automated commute management software that helps your employees find their best commutes in six simple steps.


  • Customized Offerings

    Deliver an experience fully curated to fit your company’s commute program.

  • Increased Engagement

    Help with awareness about and adoption of your program’s benefits.

  • Quick Selection

    Have employees choose a commute and sign up for benefits in minutes.

  • Automated Communication

    Save time on manual and repetitive employee benefits outreach.

  • Simple Onboarding

    Create a smooth experience for new employees, fully engaging them.

  • Ongoing Support

    Keep up with major life changes such as moving homes or offices.

CommuteWise can be modified to showcase your unique offerings.

“CommuteWise saves me 20 minutes on each employee commute
inquiry, allowing me to save the equivalent of a part-time hire.”

— Commute Program Manager



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From the beginning, we like to keep it easy for you! We’ll assign you an account manager to take you through the onboarding process and work with you and your vendors to customize CommuteWise to your company.

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They’ll be able to incorporate any unique or company-specific initiatives you have, whether that’s subsidizing gas for carpools or providing a pair of sneakers for employees who walk to work. We also support private shuttles and parking information, so you’ll be fully covered.

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We’ll also be with you through rollout at your company to make sure you get the most out of CommuteWise for your employees.

After employees answer a few simple questions, they’ll receive a selection of all possible commute options broken down by time and cost.

They can click to see details about each option and whether your company’s commute program offers them an incentive for choices like biking or carpooling.

From there, they’ll just select their preferred option, and CommuteWise will take them directly to the page where they can sign up for that benefit.

Keep it going!

CommuteWise is just the beginning of your employees’ commuting journey. Help them take on daily trips, errands, and more with our app, CityMotion.

We’ve got the only app with live data on every method of transit your area has to offer, like scooters, buses, private shuttles, and more. Learn more about CityMotion here, or simply schedule a demo with us and learn how you can enhance your commute program.



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