TransitScreen shows off all mobility options near your property, at a glance, in real time.

Our software is simple to set up and our team will work with you to create content that’s customized to your needs.

We want to help keep you and your community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Messaging Feature allows you to stay connected and communicate important updates in minutes.




    Available in the US and select international cities.


    Plan your trip down to the minute.

  • Essentials

    Time, date, and live weather updates displayed 24/7.

  • Arrival Times

    See the two earliest arrivals for buses, metros, and more.

  • Customization

    We’ll work with you to create a screen with everything you need.

  • Time Savings

    Check to see if Uber or Lyft are nearby, and if prices are surging.

TransitScreen setup is as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our screens are available in a light and dark mode.


“We only had 140 parking spaces available for the 700 people we were moving to our new office, causing many to begin relying heavily on public transit. TransitScreen has helped us by providing ONE platform for all of our transit information.”

Keith Wexelblatt,
Secretary of Transportation &
Head of Legal for Reebok

You Can Go The Extra Mile...

Messaging feature on a screen


Major employers nationwide are also using our Messaging portal to communicate with employees, both on screen and in our mobile app. You can learn more about this feature here!

Messaging feature on a screen


Maximize your property by helping employees and visitors take advantage of what your city has to offer with the Nearby Destinations portal. We can also enhance your lobby by displaying a directory that’s clear and modern!

Messaging feature on a screen


Access to mass transit only becomes even more imperative when you’re traveling, but why should you only be limited to information for ground transportation?


You have enough things on your plate! That’s why we make sure setup is simple and straightforward. If you have existing signage, we’ll just send you a link to upload. If you need a media player, we’ll send you one in the mail pre-programmed with your content! Just plug it into the TV of your choice, add internet, and you’re ready to go.