Live transit information at a glance.

TransitScreen provides live, reliable public and private transit information, attracting and retaining residents, guests, employees, and more! Simply plug in the provided TransitBox and watch any screen spring to life with real-time transit info. We’ve got you covered on everything from trains, e-scooters, local bikeshare, Uber, Lyft, and more!



    How crowded is the bus, train, or metro? Just check TransitScreen.


    Provide live updates from local transit agencies.


    Directly share real-time information through our messaging feature.


    Check to see if Uber or Lyft are nearby, and if prices are surging.


    No two TransitScreen’s are alike. We’ll help you create a screen to show off your brand.


    Time, date, and live weather updates displayed 24/7.

TransitScreen setup is as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our screens are available in a light and dark mode.

In your building:

TransitScreen allows you to show off what makes you unique. Whether it’s a weekly happy hour, benefits program, or brand new gym, we help provide a feel for what your environment is like.

Learn more here.

Out in the community:

Show residents and employees how great your property is with TransitScreen, displaying everything from the nearby train station and bikeshare docks to the hip new coffee shop down the block. We keep people connected to the community while continually growing alongside it.

Learn more here.

“We only had 140 parking spaces available for the 700 people we were moving to our new office, causing many to begin relying heavily on public transit. TransitScreen has helped us by providing ONE platform for all of our transit information.”

— Keith Wexelblatt, Secretary of Transportation & Head of Legal for Reebok

"I have used TransitScreen at several properties I have managed. It is a fantastic amenity and a must-have for communities whose residents rely on public transportation for their transportation needs."

— Samantha Caparas, Greystar Community Manager at Ascent Midtown (Atlanta, GA)

“Daily commutes take up a lot of headspace for anyone… and TransitScreen is a big help when you’re on your way out the door.”

— Olivia Plummer, Partnerships Manager at The Collective

Messaging Feature

Communicate with your residents safely and easily through our Messaging dashboard.

You can learn more about this feature here.

Nearby Feature

Your building is part of a community, and we want to help you show off what it has to offer with Nearby.

You can learn more about this feature here.


Plug and play

You have enough things on your plate! That’s why we make sure the setup is simple and straightforward. If you have existing signage,
we’ll just send you a link to upload. If you need a media player, we’ll send you one in the mail pre-programmed with your content!
Just plug it into your 50″+ TV, add internet, and you’re ready to go.

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