App Integrations

Easily integrate complete real-time public transportation and shared mobility information into your existing app.


You don’t have time to waste. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to get started.


Display curated transportation content in your own app for a seamless experience.


Our data is live across the United States, Canada, and many global cities – and we have comprehensive coverage in every city

Our CityMotion Plugin is a drop-in solution for live transportation content in your app or website. You can customize its layout, light vs. dark mode, add maps, favorites, and more. It can even link out to third-party mobility apps for one-tap access.

CityMotion Plugin is a lightweight React app, designed to be loaded into a native web view within your app. For more details, you can view our full documentation, including example iOS and Android apps.

Our transportation information powers mobile apps for real estate and corporate workplaces. Want to improve user engagement and experience? Start here.

Need even more customization? CityMotion API gives you full access to the live transportation data you need for more complex projects like custom apps or digital signage.

Or if you’re looking to measure urban transportation access at any address or location – for real-estate listings, urban planning, transportation planning, or mobility hubs – you can use our MobilityScore API. See MobilityScore in action here and email us below for API or data access.

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