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Sustainability is built into the very fabric of our DNA.

We strive to be environmentally conscious and inclusive every step of the way, from the servers we use to run our screens to the way our employees get to work every day.

Our Servers

Our network of screens is fully wind-powered, using Wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from Terrapass that are Green-e certified.

TransitScreen’s global infrastructure runs on the cloud. Our servers are virtual, sharing physical computers with other servers, and run only when we need them — but they still draw a lot of power. Our cloud hosting provider has a 35% sustainable energy mix, so we buy RECs to make up the rest.

Our Employees

Not a single TransitScreen employee commutes to work in a car. We all either walk, take the metro or bus, bike, or even work from home.

When choosing our main office space, we put extra effort to be as centrally located as possible in livable, walkable areas to keep commutes as short and sustainable as possible. We provide public transportation subsidies and corporate memberships to Capital Bikeshare, and our facilities have built-in, secure bike parking.

Our Product

Part of our mission is to reduce greenhouse gases by decreasing single-occupancy vehicle trips in cities. We know a huge factor in how likely people are to take alternative methods of transportation is real-time information — nobody likes waiting for a bus!

Our screens give people the information they need to make smarter choices, whether that’s trying out a new bikeshare or catching the subway home. They open people’s eyes to options with which they may not be familiar and give them that nudge to make a change.

Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with cities that share our values: equitable and accessible public transportation for all. If you’re looking for help achieving your sustainability goals, we’d love to hear from you.